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Meet Susan

Susan Stork, LCPC-ACS, NCC is a Relationship Therapist and founder Space Between Counseling Services in Baltimore City, Maryland. Susan specializes in working with Millennials - Xennials - Gen Xers - Boomers (Couples & Individuals) dealing with stress, high-functioning anxiety, trauma and/or depression, as well as those who identify as un- or under-parented or first-generation { insert your unique 1st in your family/generation ... _____ }. 

Susan works with Type A’s (Linear Thinkers) and Creatives (Non-Linear Thinkers) as they balance schedules, stress, and the modern challenges of coupleship. Specializing in counseling for individuals and couples using Stan Tatkin’s PACT approach and Brainspotting. Susan helps her clients move through the muck of life and into more abundant mindsets. 


Tuesday AM/PM

Wednesday AM

Thursday AM/PM

To schedule with Susan, please call Susan directly at (443) 527-2042 or email


Meet Marty

Martin Weishaar, LGPC, LGPAT, ATR-P is a trauma informed Art Therapist.  Marty believes therapy comes in all shapes and sizes, from short term to long term, to skill building and behavioral modification to attachment focused or facilitating unconscious awareness. Art therapy can often help individuals & couples who find it difficult to verbally describe their presenting problem. Rooted in psychological theory, art therapy blends the creative process of art making while exploring kinesthetic and symbolic insights. 


Monday PM + Friday AM

To schedule with Marty -- Please call Marty directly at  (518) 241-4647 or email







Meet Noelle

Noelle L Benach, Pre-Licensed/Intern LGPC

Individuals & Couples {ages 18+} whom identify within the LGBTQIA community, straddlers-in-life, & quarter-lifers who are experiencing stress, anxiety, trauma, grief & loss, and/or depression all while juggling the demands of 21st century. 

Noelle provides a genuine, compassionate and collaborative approach to psychotherapy / talk therapy.  

Not ACCEPTING NEW Clients until Late January / early February

To schedule with Noelle, please call Noelle directly at               (410) 941-3921 or email

Meet Brittany

Brittany Spencer,  LGPC

Individuals & Couples {ages 18+} whom identify within the LGBTQIA community & adults experiencing loss, grief, PTSD, post-traumatic growth, and/or struggling with difficult transitions within quarter-life decisions. Additionally, Brittany is skilled at assisting athletes increase their peak preformance in sports.


Saturdays AM/PM

Sundays PM

& Wednesday PM

To schedule with Brittany, call (202) 455-5102 or EMAIL her directly at 





Young Adults {ages 18+} whom identify within the LGBTQIA community & adults -experiencing difficult transitions within quarter-life decisions, disordered eating, & anxiety.

Availability: Wednesdays 1-3:30 PM + Sundays based on availability

To schedule with Niki, please call Niki directly at (443) 937-3588 or email

Who We Are:

Space Between Counseling Services (SBCS) is a group therapy practice located in Mount Washington (Baltimore City), Maryland. SBCS serves individual adults, adult couples, and families from the Baltimore area and beyond, by helping our clients navigate the tougher, more confusing times in modern life with skilled, warm, and comprehensive support.

Why We Do What We Do:

Here at Space Between Counseling Services, we believe that life can be hard, painful and lonely during certain stages and transitions in our human development.  With this in mind, SBCS is here for you when life gets really hard, or you need an additional support. We believe that everyone deserves an abundance of support, someone they can safely and confidentially turn to to help figure things out, make sense of their situation, and figure out how to get to where they desire to be. Our primary goal is to help you feel better in your day-to-day life.

What Makes Us Different:

We know that modern life is busy, full, and complex. So we’ve designed SBCS to account for that. From our online booking and scheduling system to having therapists who work early morning, late evening, and weekend hours, to maintaining a handpicked referral list of other local providers in the Baltimore area, our goal is to help make therapy feel more accessible and to get you the kind of supports your modern life needs. And, our own respect for structure means that WE'RE prompt, responsive, and consistent. WE respect your time and use our time together to help you find real insights that help you continue to make positive changes between our sessions.

Want To Work With Us? 

We invite you to give us a call at 443.527.2042 or to book an initial consult session online here so that we can match you up with one of our wonderful counselors and get your first therapy session booked right away.

we're Hiring!

Interested in joining our team at Space Between Counseling Services?

Details of employment opportunities and job descriptions will be posted regularly. If interested in applying, please review the current listings below and submit your resume and cover letter (being sure to answer all the questions asked in the job description) to



Open Positions:

Weekend: Part-Time Licensed Therapist (ideally - LCPC, LMFT, LCSW-C, will consider LG’s if ideal fit)

To apply, please email with the following:

  • 1. Cover letter

  • 2. Resume

  • 3. Answers to the following supplemental questions:

Are you available to work Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (AM’s and PM’s) regularly and to carry a caseload of minimum 10 clients but ideally 15?

Weekend Evenings Needed!

  1. What can you offer the clients at our practice that another clinician may not?

  2. Why are you looking to join this group instead of opening up your own private practice?

  3. What is your familiarity or experience working with adults, couples, teens AND approach to gender diversity + trauma?

  4. Describe your ideal client and your theoretical approach.

  5. What are your long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

  6. What other job(s)/internships do you currently have?

  7. Are there any days/times that you cannot work? Is this flexible?

  8. When are you available to begin working?

  9. What is your desired hourly wage / fee per 50-minute session?

  10. What is important about you as a candidate that does not come across in a resume ?

Benefits of 1099 Contract / Employment:

  • Competitive compensation with bonus opportunities.

  • Consistent referrals with light marketing efforts required by you.

  • Enjoyable, diverse, motivated, and rewarding clients.

  • Professional, fun, and detail-oriented support team available to you.

  • Deeply collaborative, direct, curious, and supportive work environment full of Radical Candor. *** Radical Candor: Challenging Directly and showing you Care Personally at the same time. Radical Candor helps you and your team do the best work of your lives.